Let’s start online!

In order to specify strategies, working methodology, details of future activities (agreements among partners, evaluation tools, monitoring systems, visibility and dissemination activities, etc.), we had organised a transnational coordination meeting in Marsciano, Italy. However, due to COVID 19 pandemic travel restrictions at the time, for now, we opted to carry out an Online Kick-off Meeting yesterday 26th February 2021, so as not to delay the coordination of the project.

The main objectives of this meeting were:
• To plan the phases of local activities, its objectives, contents, methodology and creation of the tools;
• To develop the list of topics, methodology and activities for the Seminar in Spain;
• To specify dissemination and visibility activities, including logo, webpage, social networks, etc. of the project;
• To discuss about the tools to measure the impact and to evaluate different phases of the project;
• To make appropriate internal arrangements between partner organizations.

These were some of the main results of our meeting:
– Participants/organisations know the details of the project and its activities;
– Every participant/organisation can implement the project in the arranged way;
– Organisations established appropriate internal agreements;
– Logo, webpage and social networks have been set up and participants/organisations know how to exploit it;
– The project has been made visible on the partners’ social media

Stay tuned for our next activities!

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