Bring it back to the locals!

During the Seminar carried out in Malaga in October 2021, participants were provided with the necessary tools and knowledge to design workshops that promoted inclusion through sport. Once the got back home, they had to implement these workshops at a local level in order to validate their acquitred competences and multiply their new knowledge on inclusion through sport with le local community, together with a visibility activity. Participants created three workshops and two of them, one for each topic, have been put into practice in each project country in this second phase of local activities, adapting it to each context.

The main objectives of Local Activities II were:
• To put the acquired knowledge and competences of participants into practice;
• To share and multiply the knowledge with other sports professionals, youth workers, educators, migrants and ethnic minorities;
• To raise the awareness of local population of the importance of sport as a tool for inclusion and social transformation;
• To give visibility to the project “Inclusion through Sport” and the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union among local population.





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