What is Inclusion through Sport?

Inclusion through Sport is an 18 months long Erasmus+ Sport Small Collaborate Partnership project, that aims to promote the inclusion of people belonging to ethnic minorities, who have a familiar history of migration and/or are immigrants, through sport, that is used as a socio-educational tool for social transformation.

The main objectives of the project are:
• To improve key competences of participants, workers, educators, coaches and other professionals in the field of sport for developing activities and/or projects that contribute to the inclusion of people belonging to ethnic minorities and/or migrants and social transformation;
• To exchange experiences, good practices and methodologies among organizations and professionals from different European countries;
• To create new educational tools where sport is used as a tool for social transformation and inclusion of ethnic minorities and migrants of the participating areas and countries;
• To create an international network of organizations that work with sport as a socio-educational tool, in order to promote the cooperation and exchange of good practices between Programme countries.

Duration of the project: 01/01/2021 – 30/06/2022 [18 months]

Main activities:
Transnational Coordination Meeting: to specify strategies, working methodologies and details of activities;
Local Activities I: analysis of the situation in each country, public presentation of the project, identification and selection of good practices, analysis of learning needs;
International Seminar: exchange of tools, good practices and creation of learning games based on sport with a social content focused on inclusion;
Local Activities II: implementation of new competences. Workshops and one visibility activity with local population at local level;
Study Visit: exchange of experiences and visibility activity with local population.
Local Activities III: meetings with “high-level” stakeholders and preparation of project outputs (eBook and video).
Final Meeting: public conference to present project results and final evaluation among project organizations.

Once the project has been developed, we consider that sports professionals are trained and have acquired the competences to develop their social initiatives and/or projects for inclusion, being agents of social change.