Final Conference in Germany

The last international meeting in the framework of this project took the form of a Final Conference/Multiplier event in Wetzlar (Germany) from 1st – 3rd June 2022.

The event had 3 main purposes:

  1. To evaluate the project internally amonsgt the partner organisations
  2. To present the project results to the local population
  3. To visibilise the project

Therefore, the first activity of the event was an internal meeting of the partners where we discussed the  main results of the project, the activities carried out in each country, as well as the personal and professional experiences of participants, and what participating in a European project means for the organisations, as well as a final evaluation of the project among all partners.

This was followed by a visibility event where we presented the project and main results to sports professionals and educators at the Anne Frank School in Linden,  including a session for exchanging good practices and networking.

The host organisation for this event was the German partner of the project, AIC, and the participants were 2 for each partner organisation (1 coordinator and 1 participant), 3 for AIIJ and 3 for Athletes Inspire Children (1 coordinator, participant and 1 logistics responsible).

Bring it back to the locals!

During the Seminar carried out in Malaga in October 2021, participants were provided with the necessary tools and knowledge to design workshops that promoted inclusion through sport. Once the got back home, they had to implement these workshops at a local level in order to validate their acquitred competences and multiply their new knowledge on inclusion through sport with le local community, together with a visibility activity. Participants created three workshops and two of them, one for each topic, have been put into practice in each project country in this second phase of local activities, adapting it to each context.

The main objectives of Local Activities II were:
• To put the acquired knowledge and competences of participants into practice;
• To share and multiply the knowledge with other sports professionals, youth workers, educators, migrants and ethnic minorities;
• To raise the awareness of local population of the importance of sport as a tool for inclusion and social transformation;
• To give visibility to the project “Inclusion through Sport” and the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union among local population.





Study Visit in Zagreb!

This week-end we are in Zagreb, Croatia, on the third international activity of this project which is a study visit.

We are here to evalaute the implementation of the local workshops in each country, which were created during the seminar in Malaga, and to learn how another organisation works in the thematic of the project, by learning from their good practices, and sometimes from their failures as well and how to overcome them.

The participants for this event are 2 for each partner organisation (1 coordinator and 1 person in charge of implementing the workshops), 3 for AIIJ and 3 for KPP Komet (1 coordinator, 1 person in charge of implementing the workshops and 1 logistics responsible). The mobility is being hosted by the Croatian project partner, KOMET.

International Seminar in Malaga

Last week we carried out the second international activity of this project: an International Seminar that taook place in Malaga (Spain) from the 13th the 16th October 2021.

The host organisation was the Spanish partner and coordinator of the project, AIIJ, and the participants of this meeting were three members for each partner organisation and two trainers for the coordinating organisation. The profile of the participants was: 2 professionals in the field of sport (trainers, coaches, instructors, etc. with at least 5 years of experience) and 1 responsible in charge of the implementation of Local Activities I.

The main objectives of the seminar were:
• To improve key competences of participants for their personal and professional development;
• To provide participants new knowledge and skills to carry out their projects/activities of inclusion and social transformation;
• To offer and exchange tools to raise awareness about the inclusion of ethnic minorities and immigrants through sport;
• To create new tools where sport is used for participation and inclusion;
• To foster cooperation and exchange of knowledge, good practices and competences among Programme Countries.

The main activities carried out during the seminar were:

• Presentation of participants and organisations;
• Presentation of Local Activities I;
• Social module, including experiences and good practices;
• Visit to Málaga and meeting with local organisations;
• Pedagogical module and preparation of workshops for Local Activities II;
• Erasmus+ Programme, recognition of learning outcomes and final evaluation.

First step: Local activities!

After our Online Kickoff coordination meeting, every partner organisation started preparing the first phase of local activities to be carried out in each country. The first activity in the agenda was an analysis about ethnic minorities and migrants at 2 levels: society and sport, where every partner researched and analysed in depth about legislation, practice, statistics, roles, participation, etc.

Then we moved on the identification of existing good practices at local level where sport is used as a tool for inclusion of the ethnic minorities and migrants, promoting their participation in the society and peaceful coexistence As part of the first phase of local activities, each country also identified and mapped a series of relevant stakeholders at a local level.

Each partners held meetings with people belonging to ethnical minorities, migrants, sports trainers, coaches, policy-makers, etc., in each country to make the project public, increase its visibility (as well as the Erasmus+ programme) and reflect on the situation of ethnic monitories and migrants and how sport can be a tool for inclusion and participation (round table).

Finally, each partner carried out a diagnosis and definition of the specific learning needs of sports professionals, educators, trainers, youthworkers, etc, that want to use sport as a tool for social inclusion in each country. All the data gathered throughout this local activities I phase, will be used to create the material for the International Seminar in Malaga and future activities in the framework of this project.

In some cases, due to COVID-19 restrictions, some of the activities were delayed and/or carried on online (specially the meetings with stakeholders), but all partner countries carried out this entire first phase of local activities successfully!

Finally meeting in person!

After a long wait for COVID-19 travel restrictions and safety measures to allow it, the international partners have finally met in person! The first transnational meeting is currently taking place in Marsciano (Italy).

The host organisation for the meeting is our Italian partner, Travelogue, and the participants of this meeting are one member for each partner organisation and two members for the coordinating organisation.

Objectives of the meeting:
• To plan the next phases of local and international activities, its objectives, contents, methodology and creation of the tools;
• To review dissemination and visibility activities including logo, webpage, social networks, etc. of the project;
• To review about the tools to measure the impact and to evaluate different phases of the project;
• To make appropriate internal arrangements.

Before the meeting, participants were asked to prepare a presentation of the implementation of LA1 in their respective countries: what activities had been carried out and how, progress and challenges.

It feels so good to finally meet everyone in person, nothing replaces that human connection!

Let’s start online!

In order to specify strategies, working methodology, details of future activities (agreements among partners, evaluation tools, monitoring systems, visibility and dissemination activities, etc.), we had organised a transnational coordination meeting in Marsciano, Italy. However, due to COVID 19 pandemic travel restrictions at the time, for now, we opted to carry out an Online Kick-off Meeting yesterday 26th February 2021, so as not to delay the coordination of the project.

The main objectives of this meeting were:
• To plan the phases of local activities, its objectives, contents, methodology and creation of the tools;
• To develop the list of topics, methodology and activities for the Seminar in Spain;
• To specify dissemination and visibility activities, including logo, webpage, social networks, etc. of the project;
• To discuss about the tools to measure the impact and to evaluate different phases of the project;
• To make appropriate internal arrangements between partner organizations.

These were some of the main results of our meeting:
– Participants/organisations know the details of the project and its activities;
– Every participant/organisation can implement the project in the arranged way;
– Organisations established appropriate internal agreements;
– Logo, webpage and social networks have been set up and participants/organisations know how to exploit it;
– The project has been made visible on the partners’ social media

Stay tuned for our next activities!