Project Organisations

Asociación Iniciativa Internacional Joven (Spain)

Asociación Iniciativa Internacional Joven (Youth International Initiative Association) is an NGO from Málaga (Spain) created in 2003 from a group of youths who after participating in international programmes and activities, concluded that these experiences had been very important to change their life. Therefore, they decided to share them with other young people, collectives and associations, to enhance the interest in participating in international programs and exchanges, learning languages, realizing voluntary work, raising awareness, tolerance and respect for other cultures, etc. thereby contributing to personal and professional development of young people and adults. The mission of the organisation is to contribute to the comprehensive development and improvement of the quality of life of citizens, especially young people. We work at local and international level in the following areas of intervention: (1) Participation and Volunteering; (2) Culture of Peace and Interculturality; (3) Gender Equality; (4) Sport and Healthy Life; (5) Art and Creativity; (6) Personal development and entrepreneurship.

Athletes Inspire Children gUG (Germany)


Athletes Inspire Children (AIC) was founded in 2019 in Germany. It is dedicated to creating socio-educational programs integrated with sport and is directly related to the youngest. It focuses on three main themes: health, education and social inclusion. Having a close insight into the health aspect allows them to have very solid criteria on the appropriate use of physical activity and at the same time gives them the ability to evaluate other factors that are also related to sport such as recovery, rest, healthy habits or prevention. Many of the members bring international work experience, which allows the group to work with a broad cultural perspective that is reflected in the design and choice of activities. Cultural diversity allows the organisation to see problems from different perspectives and adds value to its work. It is running several projects, following a common factor: sport. Its experience allows AIC to get the most out of the values of sport, understanding its power and knowing how to understand its potential. The community of athletes provides the organisation with a constant source of synergies between sport as a practice and sport as a social tool.

Travelogue Associazione di Promozione Sociale (Italy)

Travelogue is a social promotion association created in Umbria in 2010 to promote the natural, scenic and cultural riches of the area. The Association took its first steps by implementing projects to make Umbria and its beauties known to a local and international audience, pursuing the objectives of safeguarding and promoting the territory of Central Italy and the culture that characterizes it. We intend to stimulate cultural demand and enhance both professional and productive, intellectual and artistic local excellences. We favour initiatives that support the sense of belonging of this region to the European dimension and that stimulate openness to all peoples and cultures of the world, encouraging mutual knowledge, contacts, exchanges, promoting the exchange of knowledge between institutions and people, through European and international projects.


Klub plivanja s perajama Komet (Croatia)

Finswimming team Komet has been established in 2011 and it is based in Zagreb (Croatia), but may count on a wide network of contacts and twin clubs worldwide. Its main sport successes are the 2nd place of Kristijan Tomić and 6th place of Adrijan Omićević at World finswimming championship 2016. Since 2013, FT Komet is active also in implementing projects funded by public and private grants. In 2018-2019 FT Komet was coordinator of Project Aurora, an EU Erasmus+ Sport Small Collaborative Partnership. From 2020 he is partner in another Erasmus+project, EHPARP, for the development of modern pentathlon, showing at same time interest in spreading activities in other sports.