Final Conference in Germany

The last international meeting in the framework of this project took the form of a Final Conference/Multiplier event in Wetzlar (Germany) from 1st – 3rd June 2022.

The event had 3 main purposes:

  1. To evaluate the project internally amonsgt the partner organisations
  2. To present the project results to the local population
  3. To visibilise the project

Therefore, the first activity of the event was an internal meeting of the partners where we discussed the  main results of the project, the activities carried out in each country, as well as the personal and professional experiences of participants, and what participating in a European project means for the organisations, as well as a final evaluation of the project among all partners.

This was followed by a visibility event where we presented the project and main results to sports professionals and educators at the Anne Frank School in Linden,  including a session for exchanging good practices and networking.

The host organisation for this event was the German partner of the project, AIC, and the participants were 2 for each partner organisation (1 coordinator and 1 participant), 3 for AIIJ and 3 for Athletes Inspire Children (1 coordinator, participant and 1 logistics responsible).